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Beyond national and European injunctions, international relations are in today’s world one of the three pillars of artists’ training, along with pedagogy and research, even more so in light of an ever more open world.
Based in Brussels, a multicultural city and headquarters of the European institutions, and established in the international scene of comics, contemporary narrative, interior design, new forms of visual communication and innovative policies, ESA Saint-Luc has been developing a network of partners from many European and non-EU countries for 15 years.
With a presence abroad through festivals such as those of Angoulême or Fumetto in Lucerne, fairs and networks such as Cumulus and Icomos, which contribute to its international influence, ESA St-Luc also encourages student mobility for study and internship purposes, as well as the mobility of its professors for interdisciplinary and research projects.
The school also organises international workshops and educational programmes outside our borders for instance with the State University of Haiti in Cap Haïtien. ESA Saint-Luc also regularly welcomes external speakers.
All these initiatives offer our students the opportunity to experience different pedagogical approaches, to open up to a transboundary world and to be aware of current and future changes. International experiences give them the chance to strengthen their intellectual curiosity, to evolve in a different cultural context and to develop their personal and artistic network.

Revoir les Portes Ouvertes 2021

Des webinaires sur les formations, les conditions d’admission et la vie culturelle et étudiante de l’école ont été organisés le 23 avril. Si vous les avez ratés, vous pouvez les retrouver sur la page de nos cursus. A noter que la plateforme digitale que nous avons créée pour la journée "Portes ouvertes" est encore accessible. Vous y trouverez aussi des capsules vidéos qui ont pour vocation de donner un éclairage sur nos cursus ! Si nécessaire, n’hésitez pas à nous (...)


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