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Networks and projects

ESA Saint-Luc is a member of Cumulus, an international association of universities and schools of art, design and media. It is also part of the Icomos network, the International Council on Monuments and Sites.

International workshops
For 10 years now, students from ESA Saint-Luc in graphic design, illustration or comics have been going to China to discover the new Silk Roads. These trips are organised with partner universities such as CAFA or the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They are also an opportunity to establish new collaborations, as was recently the case with Gengdan Institute of Beijing, University of Technology.
ESA Saint-Luc also organises international workshops on its premises. In 2019, the "Boundaries" workshop brought together 150 students and 35 visual arts teachers from 7 different countries. "Boundaries" resulted in an exhibition and a publication. The next edition of this international workshop will take place in 2022 and will focus on spatial arts.

Development cooperation
Development cooperation is part of ESA Saint-Luc’s international vision, and its commitment takes several forms.
In 2019, students from the Master’s degree in Interior Architecture, with a focus on built heritage, have benefited from an ARES Microprojects grant for the rehabilitation of a former prison in Cap Haitien into a cultural centre. This project is in collaboration with the State University of Haiti.
ESA Saint-Luc has also been invited to participate in an ARES mission to Unikin in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The objective was to work on the internationalisation of the University of Kinshasa.

Revoir les Portes Ouvertes 2021

Des webinaires sur les formations, les conditions d’admission et la vie culturelle et étudiante de l’école ont été organisés le 23 avril. Si vous les avez ratés, vous pouvez les retrouver sur la page de nos cursus. A noter que la plateforme digitale que nous avons créée pour la journée "Portes ouvertes" est encore accessible. Vous y trouverez aussi des capsules vidéos qui ont pour vocation de donner un éclairage sur nos cursus ! Si nécessaire, n’hésitez pas à nous (...)


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