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About our school

ESA Saint-Luc is an art school aiming to shape creative talents in a way both coherent and challenging, overseen by academics, researchers and professors from relevant academic disciplines.
Combining genuine education and training to creation, ESA Saint-Luc offers programmes in design, habitat and interior design, ecodesign, innovative policies, new forms of graphic and visual communications, as well as contemporary narration. Programmes which stimulate not only artistic practice, but also reflection and research, in view of providing students with general culture, critical sense and commitment to rigor.
ESA Saint-Luc is a school that denies neither hard work nor high expectations, without disavowing the occasional delirium. ESA Saint-Luc strives to help students flourish, without misleading them as to their future employment opportunities, nor luring them into art, embracing its role as a relay towards autonomy and production. An institution conscious of its responsibility to prepare students for the trades they will practice in the future.
In order to build connections between academic institutions and cultural operators, the school has signed agreements with other establishments and universities, both in Belgium and abroad. These collaborations bring in more diversity, and trigger stimulating dynamics.
In addition, ESA Saint-Luc organises lectures by outside guests, workshops, trips, exhibitions, conferences as well as site visits.
An administrative team support these efforts on a daily basis. Technical workshops, a cafeteria / gallery, and a large interior courtyard are hospitable spaces for connecting. The large and bright building overlooks a square and the city, offering a working environment open on the neighbourhood and the city. Nearby galleries, museums, public transport, the canal and city parks are as many places for inspiration and meditation, inviting us to dream and travel.

Revoir les Portes Ouvertes 2021

Des webinaires sur les formations, les conditions d’admission et la vie culturelle et étudiante de l’école ont été organisés le 23 avril. Si vous les avez ratés, vous pouvez les retrouver sur la page de nos cursus. A noter que la plateforme digitale que nous avons créée pour la journée "Portes ouvertes" est encore accessible. Vous y trouverez aussi des capsules vidéos qui ont pour vocation de donner un éclairage sur nos cursus ! Si nécessaire, n’hésitez pas à nous (...)


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