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 Interior boundaries

The work would be undertaken around the idea of boundary between “mental health” and “insanity”. Around some of the concepts addressed by the notion of insanity :


The “madman” threatens the establishment in our mental categories. Thanks to his unique and irreducible presence, he asserts through only his difference the impossible homogeneity of the social body. “Only the true Freak challenges the conventional boundaries between male and female, sexed and sexless, animal and human, large and small, self and other, and consequently between reality and illusion, experience and fantasy, fact and myth” (FIEDLER L.- Freaks : Myths and Images of the Secret Self, New-York : Simon and Schuster, 1978).
The simple presence of the “madman” disturbs, shrinks or annihilates the boundaries that determine our differences in identity. He is an example that brings us to doubt of our own identity. The “madman” designates our fragility and indetermination, he becomes the mirror of ones’ self, of what cannot be brought to light in a normalizing society like ours. “Madness” makes us doubt of norms and conventions. It challenges what, deep inside us, in our “secret self”, is abnormal (what deviates from the norm, what is an average between all individuals).

“Madness” challenges all codes of representation (of ones’ self and of the world). And therefore the world of images…

 Words without boundaries

All languages are blended. Historically speaking, there are no more pure languages than there are pure races. Languages are among the most tangible testimonies of the coexistence and cohabitation of communities and cultures over time. Like humans who exchange and share, words are borrowed between languages, witnessing the fact that borders are sealed only by convention.
The workshop allows us to question the dotted lines that separate us arbitrarily. Beyond the cartographic borders, we have the opportunity to explore our linguistic melting pot and to question it through image, typography or spatial installations.

 Gender perspective

Fluctuating, uncertain, the gender perspective is difficult to delimit. The workshop invites participants to question this concept by reconsidering the position of the artist, understood as holder of sociocultural representations, whose different practices undoubtedly forge social relations.

 Of walls and sounds

“In a given space, a partition is a structure which allows us to identify zones and to differentiate one place from another. For instance : a living room from a kitchen, one bedroom from another, or an office from a dining room. A partition is a panel separating two interior spaces within an interior.
But beside these interior bubbles, separations and limits also exist outside the interiors, which we call walls. We are surrounded by many of them : walls of shame, the Green Line, the border barrier of Hungary, the wall of apartheid, the Atlantic wall, the Annexation Wall, the safety barrier, the Wall of Peace, the Great Wall, the Western Sahara Wall. Today, over twenty-one thousand kilometers of walls, equivalent to over half of the globe’s circumference, separate human beings. According to those who justify them, they serve to avoid conflicts, prevent terrorist acts, counter illicit contraband and stop the flow of migrants.

Those walls, the political walls, designate limits, delimit, draw frontiers, exclude, extend exiles, and separate from enemies. But they separate also the same quantity in numbers of people who love each other”
(SEYS, Pascale. - Et vous qu’en pensez-vous ?, Racine, 2018).

 Games without frontiers (song of Peter Gabriel)

Frontiers are a game, which we impose on ourselves (for pleasure or by necessity), or from which we can suffer. The words of this song, structured in riddles so dear to Peter Gabriel, denounce and illustrate different realities. The ones we suffer rather than choose. We understand the political and philosophical contexts, worlds of egocentric, narcissistic and manipulative adults, while at the same time confronting them to the bright universes of children.
Play, play games, they know that so well. And this playful young audience, without knowing all the rules, know how to free themselves from the frontiers imposed by civilizations and cultures. We invite you to join them in this vessel, this nave, with destination the open mind, across all horizons.

The song denounces these different aspects, the ridiculous concept of competition, worthless if we are just ourselves relative to the other, without empathy. The nuclear terror it evokes also reminds us of this : stay at home, or I will attack ! While the history of mankind proves until today that it never stopped penetrating the most sought-after territories. So, together, let us enjoy ourselves by unravelling the imaginary threads of these frontiers, and using them to weave new stories.

 Barbed wires / multiple boundaries
Engraving workshop : soft varnish etching technique

By changing perspective, positioning ourselves differently with respect to a boundary marked with barbed wire, tensions can become greater, atmospheres more dramatic.
Nature’s invasiveness, its way of hiding the barbed wire, the boundary, digesting it, integrating it into the scenery, reinforces more discrete, slower, deeper battles.
In the night, boundaries move between certain French farmers, because nature hides their position and some farmers make them reappear a little further away, to win a bit of territory.
The traces of boundaries are inconspicuous, easy to manipulate, aggressive.
Barbed wire is commonplace in our countryside, but elsewhere ?

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Ouverture prochaine d’un espace d’exposition

Un projet Cafétéria/Galerie est en cours de réalisation et devrait voir le jour en février 2019. Vous serez informés prochainement (mailing et/ou lettre d’information) de la date d’ouverture et du contenu de la première exposition (...)

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