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By taking part in Erasmus exchange programmes, ESA Saint-Luc aims to offer students the opportunity to enrich their curricula by obtaining at least 30 ECTS in our partner institutions and to offer our professors the opportunity to experience other academic practices and cultures.
This mobility policy is further motivated by our desire to fight all forms of discrimination and xenophobia as well to stimulate European citizenship and intercultural sensitivity among our students.
Our partners are chosen based on the quality of their programmes, their reputation, their international presence and their location. In this regard, we strive to diversify geographic regions while ensuring the academic standards are similar to those we offer. Furthermore, we encourage students from all academic curricula to participate in this programme. Erasmus exchanges always take place in the first quarter of the third year of bachelor, with the possibility for transition bachelor students to leave an entire academic year.
Over the past three years, we have also encouraged teacher mobility. These are more difficult to implement due to language barriers, resistance to change, personal and professional constraints…
Finally, we plan to launch in coming years double or joined diplomas. In the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, we have established collaboration with an architecture Faculty (specialised in built heritage) and we co-organise teacher training in plastic, visual and spatial arts with another art school.
At European level, we are currently discussing the joint organisation of an international masters programme in interior design with the ENBA Lyon and Politecnico Milan.
In order to strengthen our mobility programmes in Europe and beyond, ESA Saint-Luc is also a member of the following networks :
 The CUMULUS network (association of design, art and media schools) based in Helsinki.
 The ICOMOS network (international Council on Monuments and Sites) is a non-governmental international organization dedicated to the conservation of the world’s monuments and sites.
Our engagement in international programmes has transformed our institutional culture into one more modern and more open to mobility and diversity. This is why our professors have reviewed their programmes in order to ensure easy transcription by foreign partners, and have clarified the curricula in terms of learning journeys of our students.
We are currently working on the following objectives :
1. Strengthen the relations between superior art schools.
2. Achieve greater transparency in terms of our academic offer and practice.
3. Ensure excellence in teaching and research.
4. Favour regional and European development
5. Be recognised as a centre of excellence by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the European Commission (CAF, ECTS, SD…).

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